James Comey

I hated him  Hated, hated, hated him!

I was glad he felt "slightly nauseated" over his role in the election.   I wanted him to feel worse.  Much worse.  Much, much worse.

I wanted him to feel what I felt on November 9, 2016. Times ten.

I suspect that he does feel miserable now.

He's followed Sally Yates and Preet Bharara to the unemployment line, in a ghastly parody of 45's old reality show.  All fired for investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.  It's no coincidence that grand jury subpoenas went out this week, that Comey asked for more money to investigate Russia this week.

It's all so very...Nixonian.

At what point will the GOP start putting country before party?


  1. If they haven't now, they never will.
    I think they're all running scared and believe the only way to save themselves is to prop Trump up.

    1. It sounds like freak out time. Hopefully that means that this freak show is coming to an end. Soon.


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