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Friday News Links

In case you missed it...

Science has a new explanation for homosexuality. It's a way to keep a family strong.

If you've been on Twitter lately, you already know this is the case. 45 hasn't been tweeting about attacks against Muslims.

The FBI won't say that 45 is not a Russian agent.

Oops. The Republican party "accidentally" leaked info for for a whole bunch of voters.

And before the text of the health care bill leaked (spoiler: it's worse than we thought), McConnell hid the bill in his mouth. (This one's from The Onion, because we need a laugh right about now.)

The administration is trying to create instability in the insurance market by delaying payments so that ACA insurers may have to raise rates.

Have a Democratic Senator (like me) and have no reason to call them? Now you do. Ask them to withhold consent and filibuster by amendment.

What stories have we missed this week?

The Illusion of Knowledge

I've been neglecting this blog since April. Not because there aren't things to say. I think it's because it's all been coming at us fast and furious, and it's hard to boil down feelings to just one topic.

So, today I thought I'd post this video I stumbled across about three weeks ago. I meant to post it before now, but, well...

It kind of explains a lot, don't you think?

I found this via the Huffington Post. Check it out to find links to the Dunning-Kruger effect and Salience Bias.

Beware: The Senate Wants to Take Your Healthcare Away

Have you heard? The Senate is getting ready to vote on Trumpcare.
TIMELINE: The Senate GOP's plan is to pass this bill FAST—by June 30. Enough time to fight, no time to spare. Here are the steps. 2/ — Ben Wikler (@benwikler) June 8, 2017 I'm here to give this a signal boost. I am lucky enough to live in a state with two Democratic Senators, and both have been fighting this atrocity. But their support is not enough. We need those of you who live in states with Senators who think tax breaks for millionaires are more important than access to affordable health care to call and #resist.

Do you live in Alaska, West Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Maine, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Colorado, South Carolina, Arkansas, or Pennsylvania? You can help. Call your Senator(s)! Daily.

Not sure what to say? Would you rather tweet at them or contact them on Facebook? Check out the Trumpcare Toolkit.
Reminder: Amidst this Russia investigation, Republicans are still trying to take away your health car…