Friday News Links

A few things we've seen on the Internet this week:

Get the feeling that the government has been filled by supervillains? Turns out we've seen some of these tactics in comic books already. (via io9)

There's a reason rural, Christian white America won't change, and we won't be able to convince them otherwise. 

Think it's just the patriarchy that wants to push women back into the dark ages? Nope. There are plenty of women who think this is a good idea. 

5 things parents need to know about the #WealthCare bill. 

195 members of Congress have filed a lawsuit against 45. Rep. Alan Lowenthal said, "The suit alleges that the President, by retaining interests in his business organization, has violated constitutional restrictions on taking gifts and benefits from foreign leaders. According to the Constitution’s ‘emolument clause,’ the President must seek Congressional approval to receive such gifts. If the President won’t follow the Constitution, then Congress must step up to defend constitutional order and ask the courts to make the president obey the law."

And finally, an explanation as to why telling people they're wrong isn't working...

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