Crazy Like a Fox?


A certain someone's Twitter feed went a bit nutso over the holiday weekend. And everyone seems to be talking about it. Well, more like yelling about it. And screaming. And #25thAmendmentNow has been trending.

But all of this has got me wondering. Is he crazy? Is he deranged? Or is he playing a long con game?

Think about it. What are we not talking about right now? We're focused on the crazy. So, what do they not want us paying attention to?

I have a few ideas. If you have others, please share them. We need to get daylight on all of the things that are getting shoved into the shade of the crazy tweets.

First, the newly renamed BCRA. I hear talk that McConnell is making deals over the recess so that tentative nays become yeas. Now's the time to call your senators and make sure they know how much you hate this bill.

The travel ban went into effect last week. SCOTUS allowed parts to go into effect.

Mueller and the #TrumpRussia investigations. Are they getting closer to anything? Is someone getting fired?

Did you hear about the Impeachment Marches across the U.S. this past weekend?

But speaking of tweets, wasn't that whole mess illegal? And speaking of illegal, did you notice how right wing media is suddenly saying the collusion isn't a crime?

And let's not forget North Korea's nuclear threats and Syria.

I'm sure I'm missing something. What? Let us know. And make your voices heard.


  1. Any long con isn't being played by Trump. He's just not smart enough nor is he enough in control of himself to do anything like that.
    Which is not to say that the GOP are not propping him up as long as possible while they try to unravel America, but it's not quite the same thing.

    1. Considering yesterday's video, I think I agree with you there. But then again, what better way to make us discount him?

      If this wasn't so scary, I'd see a story coming out of this. Dangerous dictator pretending to be muddled...


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