Friday News Links

Apologies about missing last week. Computer issues made it impossible to get online. (The computer's been fading for a while, so its demise wasn't a surprise.)

So, things have been happening. Here are some articles that you might not have seen...

A man filed suit against four members of Congress, alleging that their display of the rainbow-colored Pride Flag is a religious display. (His lawsuit demands the court declare homosexuality to be a religion. I'm not kidding.)

"The White House, Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency have dovetailed to engineer a dizzying reversal of clean air and water regulations implemented by Barack Obama’s administration." Just in case you thought he was getting nothing done.

Something that would have made it into last week's link post if last week's link post had gone live: One big issue in healthcare is delivery. Looking at this problem might help strengthen the ACA.

An interesting read: Dear Secular, Liberal America, We Need Your Help – Christian Dissidents.

At least one member of Congress has been taking direction from Moscow. (He's the rep for the district that's a neighbor to mine. Eeek.)

The same member of Congress from the previous link asked the most important question: Were there ancient civilizations on Mars? (Again, no, I'm not kidding.)

Support for 45's impeachment is now higher than his approval rating. So, what do you say, Congress? Gonna do something about this now?

Why do some on the right see no collusion with Russia? It has to do with "defending Christianity", of course.

And it just keeps coming. I thought summer was a slow news time.

Did you already see these articles? Are there any articles we missed? Please let us know in the comments.


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