Friday News Links

Assuming that we're still around come Friday, here are a few news links you might have missed:

As of July 21st, a list of 45's lies (from the New York Times).

Would 45 let you immigrate to the U.S.? Take the quiz to find out. (I couldn't. I only got a 20, and I'd need a 30 minimum.)

A psychological analysis of 45's supporters probably won't surprise you. "Authoritarian personality syndrome—a well-studied and globally-prevalent condition—is a state of mind that is characterized by belief in total and complete obedience to one’s authority." (In case you're still trying to grasp how some people are still supporting him.)

“He’s the opposite of Teddy Roosevelt. He speaks loudly and carries a small stick.” Diplomats laughing at Trump over leaked Mexico transcript article worth it for that quote alone.

45 may have elevated his threat from mere bluster to a specific vow to start a nuclear holocaust in part because of his love of this one pet phrase.

Wishful thinking from The OnionNation Finally Breaks Down And Begs Its Smart People To Just Fix Everything (from a simpler time). Ah, if only...

This would be funny if it weren't so serious:

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Anything we missed? And what's your immigration score?


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