Not All...

In lieu of the Friday news links, I'm going to share with you a Twitter thread that went viral the other day:

It's up to all of us. #Resist


  1. Good thoughts but with some faulty logic at places.
    Most bullies don't bully because they don't have enough; they bully because they bully.
    Just like most shoplifters don't -need- to shoplift.

    1. Good point. I think the idea of the thread, though, was to demonstrate how we're stronger together allying with people of color rather than remaining silent. But true, they bully because they are so small and fearful that they feel like the only way to project strength is to pick on someone else.

    2. True about the nature of bullies, as we see illustrated by our own White House every day now in the news. But suppose we play this out, like Mr. Jackson suggests. By responding with an open heart and willing ear before we respond with anger, resentment, and accusation, we may reach the one or two who are just going along with the bullies because they've never heard any other message. Going along makes their lives easier in some tangible way. But now, seven has become eight or nine to stand against four or five bullies. Maybe one of the five wants to hang on to a friend, or maybe, selfishly, just wants to be on the more powerful side. Now eight or nine has become nine or ten against three or four.


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